Ongoing management

welcome to another module of fbmsystem. in this module we will talk about overall program of fbmsystem but before that we have to be aware of rest of the modules of this training program.we will disscuss  about some very important points in this video and the very first and most important point is how we can monitor spam and other illegal contents during our work? we can see in this image , our visitor is getting irritate from these spams. lets take an example here, if we receive so many links on facebook at the same time without any text or image or any info, this will make our visitor bored and its quite possible he dislike our page,unjoin our group or mark our profile as spam, we have to give links along with related information, vidoes, text. we have to make our links more attractive and entertaining for visitors. the most important thing which have to focused is , learn how to organize and maintain our profile, group and fanpages. if we use the name of our company while making our profile instead of using our own name, may be facebook will block our account. the second reason of not using comapny’s name is , when we send friend request to anyone, he/she will not accept it or may be he will block you. lets talk about groups and fanpages, here we have to make names which are related to the theme of our product. keep on sharing information, images videos on daily basis. if you find any latest information about your product, do share that with your friends. this will increase the ratio of friends in your profile, groups, and pages. we have to join some more groups as well related to our product like our product is iphone here so we can join apple, iphone applications and other product of apple.

next point is, as we can see , we have to focus on quality not quantity. we have to concentrate on material which we are proving to our users instead of counting the number of links we are sharing. if we are giving quality material like information, images , text, videos etc so it will automatically increase the quantity.

another important point is constantly manage your campaigns. learn how to distribute work. give your complete concentration on one thing at one time. for example if we are working on pages today, than we cant switch on groups at the same time. we can make a weekly work plan and try to follow that whole week. we have to learn how we can convince people to join our page without even mentioning that we are selling any product here.

now moving on towards another important point “play at your own risk”. this program is 100% tested but you have to follow each n every point, if your account will be blocked or you will receive spams its not guaranteed whether you will get your earning or not. so we have to get training from these tutorials first.

lets talk about “sharing” here. sharing means we can share different kind of information with our visitors but we cant share irrelevant videos, images, text etc. or if we use copyright content, facebook will suspend your account. we will not use any copyright material, try to prepare your own material, gather info from search engine or use any other sources, make your own notes etc.

we need more and more traffic on our fanpage and group so we have to show our presence on facebook so that people will like our page and join our group.

time management is the thing which should be focused. we have to make a plan before start and keeping time in our minds. how much time we should give on one thing? give equal time to everything. complete one thing and than move towards another.

earning from fbmsystem is not limited on just facebook, if we learn the techniques of this program may be people get impress with our work and they start giving us online jobs, like making a fanpage or promoting their product etc. now we are briefly discussing this topic.  we need to learn how to manage our page, than designing , it will make your page look good, more attractive than product creation, how you are sharing and market your product. we can also tell our friends about the website through which we are earning. and if any of our friend will sign up, we will earn as well. we can earn from odesk, elance, clickbank, amazon etc. the most popular webiste are clickbank and amazon if we talk about product sharing.

real power means your own ability, your own work , your quality material. try to follow everything we have teached you , obviously it will take sometime but you will get earnings for sure.

we have to consider facebook as our work place, not an entertainment website. we have to work on facebook on daily basis.

we cannot think about our earning initially we have to learn everything, how we can maintain our page, how to provide info, how to organize everything, profile, group, pages etc than we will think about our earning.

this was the overall summary of our program. i am sure this video will help you .

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Odesk and commission junction

Odesk ka bunyadi maqsad hai apko earning k tareeke samjhana or online earning k lye hum kin kin websites ka istemal ka sakte han or is k sath sath hum apni income ko kis tarhan withdraw kara sakte han.




Earning k lye sub se pehle odesk ka shumar kya jata mai hum 2 tarhna se kam kar sakte han. Missal k tor per agar hamen kisi se data entry jobs kawani hai to hum yahan job post bhi karsakte or sath sath hum yahan jobs apply bhi kar sakte ek online job platform hai,asan lafzon mai hum yahan kam kar bhi sakte han or kam karwa bhi sakte han. “post a job” per hum jobs dal sakte han or “want a job” pe sign up kar k hum jobs k lye apply bhi kar sakte han.


Ab bat karte han Commission junction ki. ye ek aisi website hai jisk zarye odesk ye affiliate program operate karta hai.









Yahan ap 2 tarekon se earning kar sakte han. Agar ap apne reference se yahan kisi ka credit card,client k tor per, verify karwate han to apk account mai sirf ek credit card verify karwane per $50 add hojate han. Is k elawa agar apk link k zarye koi bhi visitor yahan sign up karta hai to apk account mai ek sign up karne per $ 0.50 add hojate han.


Sign up ka treeka per log in karte he website open hojati hai jahan hum sign up kar k apna account registered karwate han.

Signup p click karte he ek form hamari screen pe ajata hai jis mai hamen kuch information daini hoti hai jaisa k language “English” select karainge, country “Pakistan”, functional currency “US Dollar” .




Ye info daine k ad apko “terms and condition” ka ek box nazar aega jiska achi tarhan mutalla  karne k bad neche dye gae option “accept” per click karenge. Ab baki terms and conditions ko parhte hoe check lagaenge.




Ab hamain kuch mazeed malooat daini hogi jo site information kehlati hai jis mai seub se pehle hum apni website/URL likhenge,agar humne koi website banai hai to uska URL yahan dalen ge ya apne fb k account ka URL dalenge. Dosre box mai hum apni website ko 2 se 3 lines mai explain karainge, ab hum apne visitors ki tadad bataenge, mazeed hum apni product ki promotion ka tareekakar bataenge(yahan kuch options dye gae han, agar ap facebook per apni product ki marketing kar rae han to usi option per check lagaenge)




Ab hamain kuch personal information daini hogi jaisa k nam, address, phone no waghiara (yahan is bat ka deha rakhna zarori hai k ap jo personal info day rae han wo bilkul sahi ho takey bad mai cash withdraw karne mai koi mushkil darker na ho).



Sari info daine k bad apko ek verification email ki jaegi is mai apka user name or password hoga. Apki email ko review karne mai kam se kam ek din lag sakta hai. Email receive karte he ap link ko open karenge or username or password dalainge. Ab ap apne account mai log in kar chuke han.


Login hone k bad apki home screen open hojati hai jahan apki sari info hoti hai jaisa k total earning, total selling, total commission waghaira.

Ab ap account setting kar sakte han jis mai payment info per click kar k payment receive krne k tareeke ko set kar sakte han. Agar apko payment check ki sorat mai chahye to isklye zarori hai k apk account mai $100 achuke hon or agar ap deposite karana chahte han to $50 per bhi receive kr sakte han.


Links share karne ka tareeka.

Ab hum asani se link share kar sakte han. Get links k option per click karte he apk samne ek search box ajaega jahan ap odesk type karenge. Ab odesk per check lagaen takey apko jobs approval mil sakain.

Jitni bhi jobs approve ki gai han un sub ek “get code” ka option nazar aega,us per click karne se apko links mil jaenge. Un links ki tamam info collect karain or social network per images, text k sath share karain. Ap ye links apne banae gae groups, pages, events per bhi share karenge takey product ki zada se zada publicity hosakte or ap zada se zada earn kar saken

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Welcome to another module of fbmsystem. In this module I am gonna teach you how you can use “notes” to market your product. Notes are very rarely use on facebook but we can use them and take advantages from them. We can give complete information about our product through notes. Notes only contains text, we cant use videos , images etc in this application .

We have already learned about profile, pages, groups etc actually we are using every option of facebook to show our presence and to grab more and more traffic.

Notes and status are almost same but notes are more lengthier than status and we cannot upload any image in notes. We an use more than 60k characters in this application. we can save any detail about our product in the form of notes. we can see here the option of notes and when we click on that, we are able to see the notes which has been written by our friends who are in  our friend list. if we want to further read any of these notes, we see an option here “view full notes”. just click on that to fully read it and we can see an image here as well.

now lets see how we can write a note. after signing up we can see on the left side of our homepage “notes”, click on that and in this page we have an option “write a note”,

we need to click on that to write a new note. now we can see the first thing is tittle, we have to make a title first of our notes, than “body”, here we have to give complete information about our notes in the form of text, we can also tag our friends but it will required the permission of the person whom you wanna add. last option is photos, we can also add a relevant photo in our notes. we have to gather information on notepad to paste it here in notes section. we can also search info on search engine or we can also prepare our own notes. try to write notes which can update your visitors. like i have already prepared some notes here on notepad but before that i have to give it a title as well. now i am copying it from notepad to paste it here.we can also give examples like this to make people understand completely. we can also use these options like bold, underline etc just like we use in ms office, we can also change the style of fonts.

moving on , “tags” here we can tag any of our friend, we can also tag any page here, just type the name of that specific page. or if we want to tag our friends as well as any fanpage, we can tag both at the same time. but as i already mentioned that before tagging any of your friend, do ask them. sometimes people get irritated with too many notifications and they might unlike your page so be very careful while tagging. now we are going to upload any picture here related to your product. you can set your privacy setting on “public,friends, only me, custom etc” i am marking my check on public so that everyone can see these notes. now we to publish it. we can also preview our notes, save in draft or dicard, when we press on discard, our notes will be deleted. when we publish it, pur notes will start appearing on our walls. now see the full view of our notes, so this is how notes look like, we can also edit them from here. everyone on facebook can view these notes so what we can do here, share the link of any website, our group or community page. like i am giving the link of my fanpage “iphone info corner”. now press save to save the changes which we just did. now we have also shared the link of our page in these notes so this can help in increasing the visitors of our page.

so this was a complete procedure of making notes. i am sure you will find this video helpful for you.

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Mobile User 2

Executive Summary

Almost half the population of the earth now uses mobile communications.

A billion mobile subscribers were added in the last 4 years to leave the total standing

at 3.2 billion. There are still many adults and young people who would appreciate

the social and economic benefits of mobile technology but are unable to access it,

highlighting a huge opportunity for future growth and a challenge to all players in the

industry ecosystem to expand the scope of products and services to tap this demand.

Given the strong growth trajectory and pace of innovation, we are confident that

the next few years will see continued growth with a further 700 million subscribers

expected to be added by 2017 and the 4 billion mark to be passed in 2018.

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Internet Users Worldwide choose mobile: Report






|   85% of internet users worldwide choose mobile: Report


Thursday 13, June 2013




85% of internet users worldwide choose mobile: Report

By: APP, Uploaded: 22nd January 2013


ISLAMABAD: Recent reports have shown that 85% of users around the world name mobile as their first choice, making it the preferred channel for accessing the Internet.

Further findings revealed that not only does the vast majority prefer to go online via their mobile devices but 11% also choose them at home as an alternative to turning on their personal computers, Live Science Website quoting.

The reason for mobile devices’ massive popularity is that they allow users to stay connected at all times and in all places, but the results also show a tendency for multiple device utilization.

Users are likely to combine browsing on smartphones with Internet activities carried out via PCs and tablets. PCs are used as a complementary device by 6% of respondents, while tablets are used by 0.48%.

Communication with friends is still the most popular activity for mobile Internet users, as stated by 61%, followed by entertainment, at 35%. The survey also found that demand for media and financial services is still high, with these categories scoring 31% and 23% respectively.

As mobile internet usage continues to increase, businesses are likely to create mobile versions of their website. By doing this you will be able to extend the reach of your business, provide mobile users with relevant information delivered easily and quickly, and you will improve your ranking on mobile search results.



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Introduction to Clickbank

Clickbank ek aisi website hai jo ghar baithe earning k mawaqe faraham karti hai.ap ek affiliate k toor per kam karte han or kisi bhi product ki sale pe ap 50-75 tak commission kama saktehan jo k dosri services k muqable mai kai zada hai.

       Ye tamam masnoat English, german, French or Spanish han or ye 23 iqsam mai mojood han. ye sari masnoat digital (ebook, software and audio video tutorials) han.

Clickbank apko ye saholat faraham karta hai k ap products ki promotion kar k earning krte han or agar koi product sale ho to clickbank apne affiliates to munafa b ada karta hai.clickbank bohat asani or taiz raftari se Pakistan mai online roozgar kamane ka 100 fisad kabil e atemad tareeka hai.ap is website pe free signup kar k jitney chahen products sale kar sakte han.ap dunya bhar ma kahen bhi hopelinks ki madad se apne product ki sale krne k lye facebook, twitter,blogs, websites or dosre forums istemal karsakte han.ap customers ko apne product ki info daine k lye emails (email marketing) ka istemal bhi kar saktehan .

Clickbank apne tamam affiliates ko check k zarye pay karta hai. Hum apni payment ya to western union k zarye hasil kar sakte han ya agar hamara kisi bank mai account ho to wahan transfer kr dye jate han .


Getting started as an affiliate

Click bank pe apna account bananey k bad ap online roozgar k lye tayar hojate han lekin kam shuru karne se pehle chand aise steps han jinhe follow krna zarori hai.

1.Signup ki tareeka kar

Clickbank se online roozgar shuru karne se pehle apko is per signup karne ki zarorat hoti hai takey ap is website pe apne apko registered karwa saken.

Sign up karne k lye sub se pehle per login karain.










Website khulne k bad upper ki janib dye gae option “signup per” click Karen. Click karte he apki screen per ek form ajaega jisy apko fill karna form mai apko kuch personal info daini hogi jaise k nam, shehar ka nam, mulk ka nam waghaira. Ap apni info bilkul sahi dainhe jis se bad mai payment mai asani hogi.Form fill karne se pehle kuch “terms and conditions” hongi jinka achi tarhan mutalla karne k bad he hum us per check lagaenge. Account bante he ek verification email apko bheji jaegi jahan “activation links” honge jinhe open karte he apka sign up process mukamal hojaega.

Ab apna account open karne k lye apko log in karne ki zarorat hogi jis mai sirf ap apna nick or pw dalainge or ap clickbank per log in hojaege.

Ap apne account mai 2 box daikhen ge :ek daily snapshots or dosra weely snapshot. Daily snapshot se apko pata chalta hai k apne ek din mai kitni earning ki hai jub k weekly snapshot mai pore hafte ki earning record hoti hai.

Green indicator is bat ki wazahat karta hai k apka account save hai.


Search a product

 Apne product ko dhond kr usy promote karne k lye apko clickbank market place se shuruwat krni hogi.apki screen k upper ek search box jo kuch is tarhan ka hota hai



Ap 2 tareekon se apne product ko talash karsakte:kisi b product ka makhsos nam search box mai liken ya to product ki categories mai jakar search karain.Hamare products ki takreeban 23 iqsam han or har ek category ki sub-catogory hai. Kam ki shuruwat mai agar kisi aam product ki promotion ki jae to ap ko kam smjhne mai madad milegi jaisa k agar iphone ka intekhab kiya hai to isk bare mai pehle se bhi kafi maloomat apk pass mojood hogi.

Apni screen k sub se upper apko “marketing ka option nazar aega jis mai apko products ki mukhtalif categories nazar ati han. Kisi bhi product ko select karne se pehle hum uski details check karte han. Hum “most hot” product select karte han takey wo asani se sale kiya ja sakte. Product per click karte he uski details samne ajati han jinhe parhna bohat zarori hai. Un details ko parhne se hanain pata chalta hai k pichle 2 hafton mai uski kitni sale hoi hai. Gravity se hum ye maloom kar sakte ha k kis product ki kitni sale hoi hai or us product ki sale per hamain kitna munafa mil sakta hai.

Product ko promote karne ka tareeka.

Product ko kis tarhan promote karna hai or dye gae links ko kis tarhan social network per share karna hai ye ek aham marhala hai.

Apne muntakhib karda product ki details check karne k bad hum dye gae option “promote” per click karte karte he hamen kuch links nazar ate han lekin links daine se pehle clickbank apse ek dafa phir apka pw mangta hai.

Links ko agar copy kar k facebook per paste kar dya jae to ye bohat ghalat tareeka hoga. Hum sub se pehle links ko open karainge or product se mutalik sari info notepad per jama kar lainge.takey jub hum link share Karen to product k bare mai kuch text hamre pass mojood ho.hum sirf links share nai karenge. Links k sath kuch text ya product se related images hon to wo zada attractive hota hai.

Clickbank per dye gae links ko sada or wazeh banana k lye hum ka istemal karte links hamen clickbank ne dye han unhe tinyurl per dal kar chota or sada bana lain takey daikhne wale confuse nah on.

Upper batae gae tarekon ko follow karte hoe links share karain or ghar baithe zada se zada roozgar kamaen.


Amazon per sign up ka tareka.

Amazon, clickbank ki tarhan ek or reliable website hai jahan sign up kar k hum ghar baithe online roozgar kar sakte han.  ko open karte he hamari screen per mukhtalif kisam k products ajaenge. Hum yahan takreeban har category ka product daikh sakte han.kisi bhi product ko select kar k share karne se pehle hamen signup karna zarori hoga. Hum screen per dye gae option “make money with us” per click karainge or clickbank ki tarhan yahan bhi ek form hamari screen pe ajaega jis mai hum kuch info dainge.

Signup karne k bad apne interest k mutabik koi bhi product selct karaige. Missal k tor per humne iphone select kiya. Select karte he hamare samne kai iphones ajaenge. Product ki mazeed maloomat k lye hum us per click karenge jis se hamen links milenge. Ab hum links ko check karainge k aya wo browser per khul rahe han ya nahi.

Share karne se pehle hum URL ko ki madad se sada or chota karenge. Yahan bhi hum links ko direct facebook per share nahi karenge balke us product se mutalik kuch mazeed info,text ya image k sath share karenge.








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In this module of fbmsystem we are gonna learn about events. This is the section where we can easily invite the users of facebook and share information with them. Events on facebook are totally different from the events we we use to organize like any product’s launching event etc. here we can share our information in the form of texts, videos, presentations etc. anything which is relevant to our product, we can share with our visitors. Lets see some examples of events here. Obviously we will find our event with the keyword which is iphone. So we will write it in search box to find events related to our product.  Now have a look on results, we can see there are few pages, applications, posts as well , its quite possible that we will find an event here but if we don’t find than we can do a simple thing, we can see events through this on “events” and facebook will filter these results into we can see the first event which is going to be held on tuesday 30th dec 2014.second is at 21st September, than at 23rd dec , 31st oct and finally at 28 dec. we can see 5 events here and all are relevant to our product but we found this last event “free iphone contest” more catchy and attractive. Now lets open up and see how they have organized their event. We can see that event is more like a fanpage. Moving on towards left, we can see a section here , 1st one is “going” , ok they are the users who already join this event, we can say that they are going to attend this event. “may be”, they are not sure whether they are going or not. “Invited”, they have invited 2002 people and out of these only 225 users has accepted their invitation. so this is how an event look like. We can take a lot of benefits from these events. When we open our profile we can see the section of suggested friends, here we can also find some events. Here we can see an event “maat-the drama” which is going to held on 29sept. when we have a look in details we come to know the date time month year etc, after clicking on join it means that we are now going to attend this event. now lets see how we can make an event. we are here making an event related to our product which is iphone so the first thing we have to do is , set our profile on our group which is iphone info corner. We will make our event on this page. Now we can see the tabs here, we don’t see any tab of events so we have to add it. We can see 3 empty boxes here , just pick any of them and click on + sign , now there are some options, choose events from them and add. We can see this page how it looks by default but obviously we want to change the position of this event tab so that everyone can see it right on our page. We don’t want our users to go and find it in hidden tabs. We have two welcome tabs here so I am gonna remove one and place this event tab there. Now click on this event tab and its mentioned that “there are no past events” so we can create a new one. Press “create event”. we can press it from here or we can also create our event from here. Now we have to fill up some information about our event, like what this event is about? First of all we have to put name on this box. It depends on us whether we are making a documentary for our event or any presentation or webinar. Webinar is another term of seminar. In webinar we can make any video which contains voice over as well as images just like a tutorials but tutorials are different from webinars. Now we are going to write a name “webinar related to iphone and iphone apps”.  Ok now in details we have to use the name of our page. First thing which we can do is copy our page link and paste it in “details” box. Always be careful while filling up details or description. These two things should be briefly explained at least write a small paragraph. We can give a small introduction about this event. give info which can divert the users of facebook towards your page. I have already prepared some text on notepad which I am gonna copy paste in this detail box. Where this event is going to be happen? We can write international here so that people from all over the world can attend this event but we are constantly using London as a market place so I am gonna write it. Now we have to decide date and time. This is very important thing. We can select the date of after one week to grab more traffic. Like I am gonna pick 30th of this month. Now we can also set the timings of our event. you can see two options here, one is “show guest list” and other is “only admin can post to the event wall”. We should mark the check on “show guest list” so our guest can also send a post on our event wall. Now press “create”.   We can see here that our event has been created and its look like a fanpage. Now we have to maintain this page just like we did in our last module.  We can set our profile picture from here. Picture should be relevant to the theme of our product. Try to upload info on daily basis before the date of event just to remind users about your event. now we have to share this event from here. Press “share”. Getting back towards our profile, we can see our event has been published on this profile. Obviously we have to join it. Now we have to invite friends on this event. we can see here an option of “invite friends”. We have to mark check on every single friend in our list. When they will receive our invitation, they defiantly will join our event. now we can see on our event that we have just invited 6 friends and out of these 6 , 1 friend has accepted our invitation. we have to provide info that can help to understand our visitors that what this event is about.they can also get information about your product through this event page. Like I am sharing a link here. We can create as much events as we can but they all should  be relevant to the theme of our product. Try to share info. We can share our info through text, images, videos etc. user should not get bored from your event page. We can provide info on daily or weekly basis. Never let them forget about your event. we have to join our event from our profile to see how users are getting info. Than we have to share this event on our profile so friends in our list will be able to see that.

This is how we can create events and maintain them. Hope the video will help you.

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Group page class

Welcome to another module of fbmsystem where I am gonna teach you how you can make group pages on facebook to interact with people.Like a friend’s profile, Facebook Pages enable public figures, businesses, organizations and other entities to create an authentic and public presence on Facebook. Unlike your profile, Facebook Pages are visible to everyone on the internet by default. You, and every person on Facebook, can connect with these Pages by becoming a fan and then receive their updates in your News Feed and interact with them. So this is a very important tool of facebook where you can share you product link to market your product.  the best part about groups is you can chat with lots of people at the same time which will help in creating mutual understanding between you and customer.

So lets see now how we can make a group page. Theres a option of “create group page” on the left side of your facebook homepage, just click on that but if you don’t find any option than go to the search box right on the top and write create so that will open all the filter for you. But you can only make a group page when you have at least 100 friends in your account. Ok lets click on “Create group” and we can see that a form has been appeared on our screen. Now we need to fill up that form which is asking for our group page, members and so on. Ok the most important things here is name of our group. We will give this group a name relevant to our product. like we have already discussed our field og interest which is iphone and its related apps. So what will be the name of this group? If ill only write iphone in this box, most probably it will consider as spam and its very obvious that so many pages with this name has already been made on facebook. Now we have to show some creativity here , just play with words to make your group name more attractive. Like I am writing here “iphone apps, a central info corner”. This name indicates that this group page is about iphone and its apps and this group contains every info about iphone. If you have friends in your account than you will be able to see this option “create” otherwise you cant view. Now in next option which is group page setting, here I am mark my check on “everyone” so that everyone will be able to see this group page. Now press “create” button. You can see a little problem here , actually I forget to write here members names so add your group members here and than press create. Now you can see another step which is choose any icon, here you have to choose any icon for your page “iphone apps, a central info corner”.  We can see many icons here but we have to select icon which is at least nearly relevant to our product theme. Ok there are many interesting icons but I am gonna select world globe here. Finally our group page has been created. Now this how our group page look like. You can see the name of our group here along with admin’s profile. This group has been made from syed saqib’s profile so his name is mentioned here. You can also see the icon we had created for this page.we can also customize this profile. There are some options as you can see. You can add admins of different group pages here by sending them friend request. Now we have to add a description here. Select keywords for your description. We can also skip this step but it would be rather good for the appearance of our group page. This is something I have written for my description. “Welcome to iphone world !!  this group relates to expert opinion about iphone apps development and iphone lates applications and software reviews”. Modify your page before inviting anyone so that they will might attract instead of finding it blank. Now if anyone search page related to iphone or its apps may be he will see your page in top list.

Now the next thing which we have to do is “creating events”.  “create an events” is very use full option for the publicity of your product. now click on “create an event” to organize your event. Do select a date of you event on calendar. Start inviting your friends before one month of your events to gather more traffic.  Now write the name of your event.. do mention product’s name here so that people knows the topic of your name. “iphone apps webinar” this is the name of our event. Now choose a date here. I am selecting the date of next month as I already told you. Now press “create”. Now your event has been can see facebook has created another senction of your event which is more like community page. We have to invite people on this page and give updates on daily basis till the day of our event just to remind people about this event. We usually create group pages , events etc just to grab the attention of our visitors. We can share any kind of info, which can be in the form of text, images, videos etc but off course that should be related to our product theme. We cannot leave anything blank here . do write something on this status box like I am writing. And in the end we have to give the link of our website, the text you have written in status box might attract people and the can also visit your website, they can also like your product’s community page. We can see here an option of photos where we can upload pictures or we can also make photo albums. Right now we haven’t upload any picture here but theres a option of “upload photo” here just click on that right away to upload different kind of photos related to your product.

You can see the last tab here which is “files”. If you find any file, documentary or any video relevant to your product, you can upload that here. So that your visitors will take information from that, they can also download it and most importantly your visitors will stick with your page. Simply click “create a doc” or “upload” to share your info. We can also change the setting of our notifications. The most most important option here is “about”. When we click on this option, we can add people on our chat box. We can chat with every single person who is online in one chat box. Its more like a conversation around table. To add people you can see a option here “add people” just click on that and write the name of person you want to add.

In the last session of this module I wanna share some important things, as I told you that you have to add more than 100 people in your account before creating a page, event or making a group. And 2ndly we need to share some info in our profile to attract people. People wont like our page if they find it empty. Try to add people first in your profile than divert them towards your group and in the last invite them to attend your event. Obviously it will take a little bit of hardwork and time but you will defiantly get the results of your hard work. Do join some more groups like our product is iphone so join other group pages of the same product just to see how other admins are maintaining their groups and what kind of information they are providing. (20min)

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FBM pages

In this module of fbmsystem we are gonna learn about pages(fan page community page etc ). Most of the people only aware of the pages of any brand or product, they only need to click on “like” button to get updates about these products brand. Pages and groups are almost same however, you want to know about where the actual money on facebook, well pages where is at. Pages are the latest version of what used to be said fanpages . facebook allows you to promote your business here or anything you we have a freedom to be very creative here. And this is required you to build your own strategy so we have to gather all the notes, do our own research so that we can build our business here. In these pages we can get any kind of information, we can share video, or update our status. We can give information in the form of text, video, images etc. just like you see in this community page, they have videos, applications, images and so on.

The best way to create fanpage is just go on the search menu and write “create page” so facebook itself provides you a suggestion,you need to click on that. Now you can see a page that has been opened on our screens. Fanpages are classified in different categories and you can see the first category is about our business, we have to fill up the required info about our business here like name address, postal code etc and 2nd category is for company, organization or institute, other is about any brand or product and this one is for artist, band music etc entertainment is a option where you can make any kind of page related to any topic  and in the last its cause and community. we are gonna make two different pages here, one is brand/product and 2nd is entertainment. We are here promoting a brand so its about applications like we are promoting here applications of iphone. Now in the very next box we will give the name of our product. we are actually making two pages here or in this category I am writing unseen iphone apps now click on I agree to “get stared”. Now the second page we are going to make is entertainment to grab more and more traffic. This page is related to iphone games etc so if anyone will search any info on google they will defiantly see this page somehow. Now we have to choose category related to our theme, if we don’t find such category , we can choose magazine as an alternate. Ok now whats should be the name of this page? Obviously we need to be little creative here as we cant write just the name of our product but along with that we have to add some catchy words just like I wrote unseen iphone apps in brand or product page here i am writing “iphone info corner” now people knows that this page is about iphone. We have to update info on daily basis through texts, images videos etc.

While making a fanpage we have to go through somemore steps just like making a new account on facebook. In this step we have to upload any image. We can find images related to our product on google. I have already an image of iphone which I am gonna upload right away . click on upload from computer. Now the picture has been uploaded. In this very next step we have to add description here which I have already prepared on notepad. We only need to copy paste it in description box. While giving description we have to be very careful because this is the info which can attract people and they can join our page. Now if you have any  webpage, website etc you can give that link here. I’ll give the link of my community page later but you cant move towards another step without giving the link of any website so I am giving the link of this iphone page to move on. We can also change this link when we will start having some visitors. This is the full view of our fanpage where fisrt you can see admin panel, this is about our notification setting, you can see messeges here, who likes your page , insights is the option which is giving you the complete info about your page. we can see the info about the people who likes our page by clicking “insights”. Now we have to invite friends. We can suggest this page to people who are already in this profile. We can also invite people by email. If we have email address of any of our friend, we can give invitation through that. just click on invite email and now we can see few option here. Just pick one source from hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc and send email right away.  Ok so we have already uploaded our profile picture here but still we have to upload cover picture. Click on add a cover button and upload from your desktop. It will make our profile look good, more attractive and catchy. Now drag your image into correct position to give it a complete look  and press “save change” button.

We can also give info related to our product, news updates etc so that visitor wont find this page blank. People shouldn’t have this feeling that the page is under construction. Fill as much info as you can and make sure whoever visits this page, wont leave without pressing “like” button. Here we are giving some info in this status box which I have already searched. Always give info which is relevant to your product. this is our entertainment page, we have to grab more and more traffic here than we will be able to divert them towards our product page. Now we can upload any photo from here. You can upload a single picture or if you have a bundle of photos you can make a album as well. We have uploaded a  funny image here with some text. If any visitor will open this page, he/she will not find it blank. Lets see some more menu of this page. Now press “admin panel” here. Ok this is the panel which can be operated by admin only. Lets start from “your setting”, we can see the first option here which is about notification setting, if you want to get notification when any of your visitor will do any activity on your page. Just mark on check or uncheck it. Now the second option is about notifications as well. Just do your settings according to your need and press “save changes”.

Moving on , we can see “page management”. The first thing is “page visibility”, here we have to mark check on “publish page” so that the page will be publish and everyone will be able to see our page. Next option is “country restriction”, if we want to restrict any country just type a name and people from that country wouldn’t be able to find this page not even on search engine. Here on “age restriction” you can restrict people who cannot join your page. Obviously it depends on our product. our product is iphone and people who are above 17 can use iphone so we can select “17 and over” here but we will select 13+ to grab more traffic. Next option is post ability like who can post on our page, who can upload images on our page, post visibility etc . tagging is very useful option, like we can also tag people on images, texts etc. now you can see “moderation blocklist”. Sometimes people use to write slang words on our pages so to get rid of that , we can write those words on moderation blocklist so that those words wont be appear on our page , we can also set its profanity on strong, medium none etc.

Now we have to give some basic information in which the first option is categoty. In this we have to select what this page is about? When we select that, we have to fill its sub-category as well. “Official page”, here we have to give the url of our website. url of our page is very important, usually people search a page like this ( So we have to write the name of our page. But before that make sure that your account has been already verified from your mobile number.  You can see here “before you can set your username, you need to verify your account. Press continue and now facebook is asking you to give your mobile number, and when you will enter your mobile number, you will receive a sms from facebook which contains a code, you only need to enter that code here. You can also set this on “turn on texts notification” to receive every single activity happened on your page. We will hidden our number here just to get rid of wrong calls and texts. Now press save settings. Now we can write our page name here like I am writing iphone info corner. Check availability, this name is not available so we have to remove dash from here. Iphoneinfocorner  is available so we can select this name.just press confirm now. You can see a success note here click ok and your username has been confirmed . so this was a very simple way to setup our page. We can also use here as well just like we used in group video.

We can also install different tabs here , like you can only see a tab of photos here. Usually we see different tabs  “welcome” tab, suggestion tab, latest info tab etc. so we will also highlight that how we can install those tabs. We can see here a page of “technology updates” and they have few tabs like photos, likes, invite your friends, latest tech info. Now we are gonna open tab of invite friends. Just click on that and now we can invite anyone or we can suggest this page as well. Now lets check out what kind of info they are providing in “latest update” tab. As we can see that they have provided info about the prices of iphone in Pakistan. This is very useful information. Well this kind of information can increase traffic on your page and this can be helpful in selling of your product as an affiliate.

So now I am gonna tell you how you can install applications here . first of all we need to give the name of that specific application in that search box. I wanna install iframe so just write its name. now we can see after clicking on that ,they opened a page for us. Read that carefully and click on “install app” button. When you click on that button, your application will be installed. Every application contains customized options. Now we have to select facebook fanpage. We have already a fan page so we will select that and press “add page tab”. Now we can see so many different pages here which might confuse us. We can give any text or html here . its depend on us how we want our application. we cannot touch this option. We can also upload an image here. After filling this info pree submit . we can see in other apps, they are providing few apps like add a link, contact form        ( we can add contact form so people can directly contact us).only for likers is another application which  we are gonna select. Just click on that to install that app. Now press “go to app”. Our page “iphone info corner” has been already select so we only need to click “allow” to allow that on our page. Now it is again asking about our page so we will confirm “add page tab” to confirm. 25:32 min.

Install any application which you think, can help you in promoting your product. now if we preview our page we can see our cover photo, display photo, and tabs which we installed. The most important thing which we have to keep in mind and which is important for our group as well as fan or community pages that we will not  directly ask people to buy our product. we cant talk about the sell of our product here. Try to make another page related to your product to divert more traffic on your page. As we already knows that we have to make two pages one is related to our product and other which can grab attention of people towards our product “entertainment page”. We have already learned that how to make entertainment page, how to maintain our page. We have to share info related to our product which can entertain our visitors. Do search different kind of info about your product from search engine and share them on your page on daily basis. We can also share videos. Download videos from metacafe, youtube dailymotion etc and upload them on your page. We have to share our brand/product link on our entertainment page. Now we can see another option here right after basic info which is profile picture, we can change this picture anytime we want,just browse another interesting picture from here and upload that. Moving on, feature menu, you can use this feature menu if you like pages other than iphone info corner. Its mentioned here that “you havnt like pages as iphone info corner”,  ok “as iphone corner” means we havnt like any page while accessing this iphone info corner. Now we tto to join some other pages here. Lets type apple in search box. Obviously apple is related to iphone. So what we can do is just press “like” button to get connect with this page . we’ll receive every info which apple will provide on its page. We can also connect this page with our page to update our visitors. We will give the link of this page on “features likes” option so apple inc will come to know that there is another page as well related to their product. we can see the recommendation section here. Every page have this recommendation section, now whatever I do on my page which is related to this apple inc, it will start appearing on their recommendation section. This is how we can get more visitors and This is how we can build better relationship with apple. I have already liked a page now I can use this feature menu. Just click on “add features likes”. Now you can see the page which I have just liked, mark your check here and press “save”. We can see now they are showing a feature which we have saved. We can add 4 more features likes on our page. We can also add admin here just like we add features. Mark your check and press save. This is how our visitor will get the info about admin of this page. This can help us in getting more visitors. Next is resources, in this option facebook itself providing us some suggestions which we can read. We can different options here in “connect with people” like advertise on facebook, select a username(very important option) “use social plugin”, we can also connect this page with twitter. These are very important options for us . now in “additional sources” facebook has suggested some very important info which we should read to get help. Now we have to set the username of our profile just like we did for our fanpage. We have already made a url of our fanpage, we can do the same for our profile. But we can see a little problem here, we have to get more fans in our profile before setting up username. So now we are not able to set our username, we need more traffic here. Have a look on next option which is “admin’s role”. If  we have friends in our profile, we can handover this page to them, like we can choose an admin from our friends list but this will need their permission. Just type the name of the person and click save or you can write the email address as well, depends on you. Now we are asking to give password here, just type your password to confirm. But we can see a note here which is saying that “we can only make admin to those who already like this page”. You can choose the post of that person from manager, content creator, advertiser, moderator, insights analyst. We we choose manager it means that the person is 100% able to access this page. They can do anything with this page, they can also delete it or they can delete the visitors etc. content creator are those who can only set status on your page, nothing more than that. Always choose the person whos trustworthy. Next option is “apps”. Now you can see the applications here which we have already iframes, only for likers, events, notes, videos etc. videos, notes, events and photos are default and the rest are those which we have installed. Next is “mobile”. This is very important option. if we have mobile like blackberry, android or if we have  iphone  than we can send any picture or any info on this email address. This will upload images, data whatever right on our profile. They also give info about how we can connect with iphone, we have to read it. Moving on we can see “insights”. This is very important option for admin. Like I already mentioned that we can get every info about our are gonna have a look on this option. we can see here that we have only one friend in our page, once we get more than 30 fans we will be able to access this. Now we have to see a page which which already got some like to briefly see how insights works. Like we have already made a “technology” page. Now we can see here the option of insights which contains “your post” indicated with purple colour. This graph is telling you the time and date of your posts. “talking about this” tells us the responses which we are getting form our posts.  “reach” is telling us about the people who join our page in different time duration. Insights basically gives us every info about our page.

So this was a complete and brief information about pages, now we know that how we can make pages, how we can maintain pages etc. hope this video will be helpful for you.

The End

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